Precision-Guided Dosing

Let the unique pharmacokinetics of your IBD patient guide induction dosing

Roughly two in five patients fail to respond to infliximab (IFX) induction and approximately 50% of responders require additional dose optimization during maintenance.

PredictrPK® IFX Induction assesses the unique pharmacokinetic profile of your inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patient to guide optimal timing and administration of the fourth IFX infusion.

Precisely optimize IFX therapy during induction to maximize
the likelihood of response and sustained IFX durability

Precision-guided IFX induction dosing supports increased rates and shortened times to remission

Impact of early IFX optimization on CRP-based clinical remission1

• Measured pre-dose 3 IFX ≥15 μg/mL and estimated & measured pre-dose 4 IFX ≥10 μg/ml associated with increased rate and time to CRP-based
clinical remission
• 4.1-fold greater likelihood of sustained CRP-based clinical remission when pre-dose 3 IFX ≥15 μg/mL and estimated dose 4 IFX ≥10 μg/mL

Prospective data reveals clinical impact of optimal timing of the fourth IFX infusion4

The landmark Precision IFX prospective trial examined the impact of precision-guided induction dosing on patient outcomes at one year.

• Targeting pre-dose 4 IFX trough levels ≥10 μg/mL, the majority of patients required accelerated administration of infusion 4.

• Non-adherence to the precision-guided interval for infusion 4 was an independent predictor of ATI formation and IFX treatment failure.

• 73% of patients who received infusion 4 were still on IFX at week 52.

• 97% of patients on IFX at week 52 were in steroid-free remission.

*PredictrPK IFX is validated for use in adult and pediatric IBD patients receiving IFX therapy including patients on combination therapy with an immunomodulator or another therapeutic agent. During induction: Patients are eligible to receive PredictrPK testing ≤3 days prior to induction dose #3.